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If you would like to learn about bees and are excited to start backyard beekeeping, this class is for you.  We concentrate a series of classes into a full-day class to make the most of your time and give you an in-depth look at becoming a beekeeper. You can walk into this class, knowing nothing about honeybees, and walk out prepared and excited about your new adventure.

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Beekeeper in a Day

  • Date:  Saturday, May 4, 2024

    Time:   9am- 5pm PST with 1 hour for lunch.

    Please bring a sac lunch or there are food options off campus. Please bring a bee jacket /suit and bee gloves if you would like to work with the bees for the hands on portion of the class. 

    Location:   WOSSA Building, WSU Extension Center, 2606 West Pioneer, Puyallup, Washington

    The WOSSA building is located on the southern part of the campus.

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