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The primary purpose of the PCBA Apiary is to afford new beekeepers the opportunity to get hands on experience working with bees, while protecting the welfare of the colonies, with honey production as a secondary reward.

Apiary Field Days are generally offered the 3rd Saturday of the month at 12:00 noon during the main beekeeping season (April to October —  weather permitting). See the Events Calendar for the current schedule and the PCBA Homepage for last minute updates and weather cancellations. Don’t forget your bee suit!

Contact our Apiary Committee Chair for further information at



NOTE: You must be a member in order to reserve our honey house, therefore must be logged in to your account to successfully reserve this service.

Let the fun begin! Your honey bees have done their job and now it's time to extract your honey. The PCBA Honey House is set up to make the extraction of your honey harvest easy. 

This 14'x19' building is located on the North side of Pioneer on the Puyallup WSU Extension Center campus. You are provided all of the tools required for your honey extraction, as well as to clean up after you have finished. You are responsible for your own means of storage, however. We do not provide buckets or jars. 




Included in the member-exclusive $25 rental cost:

  • Netted strainers to catch wax and bee parts

  • Nitrile gloves to keep your hands (and honey) clean

  • Decapping sink

  • Electric decapping knife

  • Heat gun that can be used on new comb — much less mess and no bucket of cappings to deal with!

  • 18 frame motorized extractor – Easy to operate and will get the job done fast. We also have tools to scrape down the sides of the extractor so you will get ALL of your honey.

You will need to bring:

  • A minimum of two food grade buckets (4 or 5 gallon size) with lids for your honey (available at Home Depot or Lowes) and one bucket for your “cap-wax” honey.

  • Some hand towels for clean up.

  • Consider purchasing a bucket with a honey spigot if you want to make the bottling process easier at home. You can also bottle your honey at the Honey House if you bring your own bottles. bottles.

Clean-up includes:

  • Wipe down all surfaces with honey drips (including the floor)

  • Clean out of the decapping sink and buckets used

  • Clean the extractor with hot water (NO Soap please, just HOT water)

  • Sweep the floor of any dirt or debris (usually wax)

  • Clean up any utensils or tools used and put them back in their proper place (electric decapping knife, capping scratcher, etc.)

  • Make sure the lights are out and the door is locked when you leave

  • Replace the Honey House Key back in the lock box that you found it (Do NOT take it home accidentally)

For booking issues, or If you would like to rent the small PCBA hand crank extractor to take home instead (not the Honey House), please contact our Honey House Manager at

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