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Volunteer Opportunities


Below are opportunities for you to give back to the organization by volunteering to participate in community outreach events. Click on the links below  to sign up.

More Volunteer Opportunities


This is a group of volunteers who can be available for just about anything from picking up and transporting sugar, helping transport hives and everything in-between. 

Working in the Garden
Garden Crew


The Garden Committee led by Mary Kline is currently focusing on getting ready for the Master Gardeners Sale.

Future Project

Upcoming Project

Apiary day four 9_23.jpg
Future Projects

Future Projects

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Learning Apiary Crew

Volunteers will be responsible for lawn maintenance, repairs, upkeep of equipment, etc.

Resource Apiary Crew

We are looking for beekeepers with 2+ years experience to help manage the Resource Apiary. This involves inspections, treatments and feeding. This apiary will eventually become our queen rearing apiary.

apiary day one 9_2023.jpg
Donation & Fundraising Committee

Help us to be involved in our community in a big way! 

Introducing an Idea
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