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Virtual Board Meeting Minutes June

Pierce County Beekeeping Association Special Virtual Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, June 26th, 2023

Meeting Time: 7:28 am


Those in attendance include: Mary Dempsey, Sherri Thomas, Kathleen Clerc, SR Balukoff, and Natasha Balukoff


Old Business:

Sherri Thomas has submitted her desire to resign as soon as a new treasurer can be found.

Michael Konschuh, who is an accountant, is interested in taking over for Sherri as treasurer.


New Business:

Both Sherri and Mary have had the opportunity to talk with Mike and review his past work experiences and availability to volunteer as treasurer and agree that he would be a good fit as treasurer. Per Article VII, section 5, with Board approval, the president may appoint a member of PCBA to act as a temporary treasurer.


Mary made a motion for Michael Konschuh to be voted in as temporary treasurer with Sherri’s resignation.


Kathleen Clerc seconded the motion.


A vote was taken and was unanimous.


Michael Konschuh will be the temporary treasurer until the November vote for board members. At that time he will decide if he would like to run for treasurer.

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