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Board Meeting Minutes March 29, 2023

Pierce County Beekeepers Association Board Meeting Minutes from Wednesday, March 29, 2023.

Meeting time: 6:25 pm to 7:35pm.


Attendees: Mary Dempsey, Kathleen Clerc, Sherri Thomas, Katie Marler

Meeting called to order at 6:25pm by Mary Dempsey.


Minutes from the last board meeting had been previously read by everyone present. Minutes were approved (and seconded).


Treasurer Report:

  • Opened a new bank account with Home Street Bank and closed account we held previously

    • Need cards (coming in mail)

    • Need bank statements (should start at the end of a full month)

    • Need to set up online account access


  • Opening a Zelle/Venmo for PCBA

    • Need to verify with them that we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in order for the account to be held as a business account that can be transferred to other presidents in the future.


  • Audit for 2021 to 2022

    • Kathleen and Natasha to complete

    • Sherri will collect and provide the documents by the next board meeting in April


Apiary Update:

  • Apiary Management this year will be by OSU Journeyman students. It is for them to organize apiary days, lesson plans, etc.

  • Scott Erola will be helping us as the Apiary Shed Manager

    • He has purchased shelving for frame storage and organized the frames

    • Key to the shed is in Hive #1 on top of the inner cover

  • April 16th or 17th, need someone to pick up and install the Nucs purchased from Harvard.

    • Hold an impromptu Apiary Day for beginners

    • Katie Marler has the list of names for contact

  • Honey House will be managed by Betty, as the Honey House Chair

    • Betty will be a non-voting board member

    • Will receive points for joining the Mentor list/Phone Triage


Pollinator Land Plans:

  • We do not have access to water

  • Need to hold a meeting specifically just for land planning

    • Need Volunteers

  • Sherri can get us cardboard to lay out and “kill” the grass and weeds in the area, so we can lay down some wood mulch and other dirt, etc.

  • Will WSU let us do a chip drop?

  • Will need to purchase a cart of some sort that can be used for gardening as well as possible transfer of hives when necessary


Plant Sale and Sustainability Booth:

  • Signed vendor agreement for April 29th and 30th

    • Asking if we can sell honey and will find out

    • Do we want to sell it?

    • Will Master Gardeners possibly donate to our silent auction? Ask Katie Marler

  • Kathleen to let Katie Marler borrow a 10x10 Canopy

  • Sustainability Booth

    • Purely Educational

    • No Honey Sales


Spring Fair:

  • Kathleen in charge of setup/decor

    • Sandwich board, table cloths, educational pieces, etc.

    • Make it look professional

    • Big banners in the back of the booth

    • Will possibly need to provide tables

  • Mary to pick up tickets and parking, and organize pick up with volunteers


WA State Fair

  • Just started, no notes for now


Gardener’s Festival

  • Partner with Audubon Society

    • We are going to have a vendor booth and sell honey

    • Mary will give a 45 minute presentation talking about bees, pollinators and plants


Neighborhood Team Leaders

  • Separate mentor program from the OSU Program

  • Reach out to mentors through phone triage

  • Mentors to help guide members to the answer and let the members learn the options and decide their own plans of action as long as it does not cause immediate detriment to the bees.

  • Need to set fair parameters so that Mentors are not over-worked and burned out

    • Here to answer questions and advise but not to do the task for you

    • No expectations can be held that mentors will come to member apiary

  • Designate community captains

    • Lead community clusters

    • Be contacted for help/advice

Ways for people to find help:

  • Show up to club meeting

  • Post questions on Facebook

  • Mentor Phone Triage

    • Can call, but no expectations can be held for mentors to come on site. Need to be respectful of Mentor’s time and life.


  • Kathleen wants to start creating “how-to” videos

  • Also find videos that are already made and are good to share on the website as a resource


  • Voting on Auto-renewal for memberships at next meeting


Mary asked about any other business and there wasn’t any.


Motion to adjourn by Kathleen, Katie seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm.


The next board meeting will be on April 27th, at the same location at 6:00pm.

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