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Quick Sugar Syrup Recipe: 1:1 Ratio for Spring Feeding

This recipe cuts down on the time it takes for sugar syrup to cool by heating only part of the water and moving heated syrup to a second pot to cool faster. It is a 1:1 ratio of 8 lbs. sugar to 8lbs. water for spring feeding.

Put on your colonies when average daytime temperatures are above 55 degree’s


2 Four Pound Bags of Granulated Sugar

8 lbs water


2 Large Pots

4 cup glass measuring cup

Digital Postal Scale

Long handled spoon

Place a large pot on a digital postal scale. Plug in the scale so that the weight reads zero lbs, or use the tare button feature. Fill pot with 6 lbs. of water.

Heat pot of water on stove until almost boiled (no need to boil). While heating water, in a four cup glass measuring cup measure 2 lbs of cold water on the scale.

When pot of water on stove is almost boiling, pour in 8 pounds of sugar (two 4lb. bags). Stir until dissolved (no need to boil). If the syrup is cloudy from undissolved sugar, allow to heat a bit longer until nearly clear.

Pour heated sugar water into another unheated large pot. Add the 2lbs. of cold water in the glass measuring cup and stir. Allow combined syrup to cool to room temperature.

Makes enough sugar syrup to fill about six large mason jars used as jar feeders.

Submitted by Becky Sundstrom

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