Register Your Hives

All beekeepers in Washington must register their hives with the WA State Dept. of Agriculture by April 1, 2020. To download the registration form, go to:

Registration fees are based on the number of colonies (hives) you will own this year. Fees for registering hives are $5 (for between 1-5 hives), $10 (for between 6-25 hives), etc., with separate fees for brokers. Fees are listed on the form.

Your registration fees are deposited into a research fund that supports WSU projects, and others such as:

  • Controlled temperature and atmosphere overwintering trials for colony survival,
  • Pesticide residue characteristics in wax from urban and rural hives, and
  • Nosema research and more.

Please Support WSU research and register your hives today!

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