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Check out PCBA members featured in videos presented at the 2015 Paris climate change conference.

TzuChi Foundation documentary film producer Nils Aucante was with PCBA members and other WA beekeepers last March. These short excerpts are now online. This information was part of a longer video presented in New York City during climate week in September, and at the Paris climate change conference in December:

10-minute episode featuring PCBA members!

3-minute video featuring Franclyn’s perspective.

There also are videos of beekeepers in France and Haiti. This is a thoughtful, well presented series of videos, and we so appreciate Nils’ work and that he included members of PCBA in this important message.

What kills our bees in Lewis County

PCBA on Pierce County TV: Meet the Farmer: Beekeeping. A Puyallup beekeeper explains why the fall season is a critical time for honeybees. Oct. 2015.

Bee Advocates in South Sound abuzz with plans to save pollinators. Puyallup Herald. 6/25/2015.

Stung by the bee: Honeybees are a family tradition in the South Sound. The News Tribune. 9/10/2014.

WSU Honey Bee Research In The News

National News

Morgan Freeman is a Beekeeper Now

What is Killing America’s Bees and What Does it Mean for Us. Rolling Stone Magazine. August 18, 2015.

Dying honeybees, and the uncertain future of honey. Washington Post. May 14, 2015.

Rapid increase in neonicotinoid insecticides driven by seed treatments: Neonicotinoids may harm pollinators. Science News. April 2, 2015

Bee declines driven by combined stress from parasites, pesticides, and lack of flowers. Science. March 27, 2015.

Become an urban bee keeper, and plant a border for bees — Ciscoe Morris, Seattle Times

Eltopia’s ‘MiteNot’ project — “To save the bees, beekeepers and bee researchers need a new, non-chemical way to control mite parasites in honey bee colonies. Eltopia’s ‘MiteNot’ project is the most innovative and holds the most promise to turn the bee crisis around than any other idea that has come along in a very long time — maybe ever.” – Dr. Marla Spivak, University of Minnesota


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