Beekeeping Laws

Disclaimer: Individuals are encouraged to contact their local governments for the most current laws.

Washington State Legislature

For more information, please visit the WA State Legislature website.

Pierce County Charter and Code (Download.pdf)

8.94.010 Policy and Purpose.
8.94.020 Definitions.
8.94.030 Beekeeping – Maintenance of Colonies.
8.94.040 Hive Placement.
8.94.050 Nuisance Declared.
8.94.060 Enforcement and Entry – Right of Entry for Inspection.
8.94.070 Violation – Penalty.
8.94.080 Severability.

Cross references: Chapter 15.60 RCW, Chapter 8.08 PCC

For more information, please visit the Pierce County Charter and Code website.

Tacoma Municipal Code (Download.pdf)

5.24.010 Beekeeping – Maintenance of colonies – Nuisances designated.
5.24.020 Enforcement and entry – Right of entry for inspection.
5.24.030 Violation – Penalty.

For more information, please visit the Tacoma Municipal Code website.

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