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Pierce County Beekeepers Association General Meeting Minutes Monday, Aug. 7th, 2023

Meeting time: 7:13 pm to 8:19pm


Mary Dempsey (Club President) Called the meeting to order at 7:13 pm

Business Report:

  • Mary welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced herself. She thanked her team, Vice President; Kathleen, Secretary; Natasha, and Katie, her education chair. 

  • Pierce County Fair:

    • The fair starts Thursday and we still need volunteers.

    • The book Cookie made is fantastic! It will help you answer all kinds of questions. Thank you Cookie! (**See pics of books at the end)

  • State Fair:

    • We still need volunteers! Please come and share your knowledge with the public. There will be written instructions for opening and closing the booth.

    • We will have the Honey Princess the 1st week of September. She talks with people, gives educational talks, and works with children. 

    • Tickets are provided. The ticket will get you in for the day. The tickets will be handed out at the August 28th meeting, the last meeting of the month. We have a special speaker. 

    • We know you make and have stuff! Enter your stuff into the fair! If you win, it looks great to potential customers. There are categories, instructions, and printable entry forms online. Look at ‘Enter a competition at the State Fair’ at .

  • Next board meeting is Monday, August 21st at 6pm.  Please contact Mary Dempsey if interested in attending for the location (all are welcome).

  • The next club meeting will be August 28th. There will be no classes. 

  • We will have a special speaker, Danny Najera. He will be speaking on their 10 years worth of research at GRC which focuses on overwintering and disease as well as beekeeping in general. Small Hive Beetles have been found in Western Washington. He will have information on that as well.

  • Because of the State Fair there will be no meeting in September. 

  • There are still 2 buckets of sugar available for purchase.

  • The Queen apiary is all set up and the ground cover has been laid. There are 3 hives there, due to someone having to get out of beekeeping due to a severe allergic reaction. Thanks to Greg for helping to move the hives. 

  • Tonight there will be a panel of speakers with a question and answer period.

Open floor Questions: 

  • Where is the booth at the Fair? The booth is in the red barn, AG building. 


Question and Answer Panel - 

~ Mary opened up with information about allergic reactions to stings. Call 911!

Meeting Adjourned at 8:19pm

Hospitality provided by Jeanie, Eileen, and Jim

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