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Board Meeting 6/17/24

6:52pm come to order

Meeting minutes from last meeting approved.

In Attendance: Mary Dempsey, Kathleen Clerc, Katie Murray, Nathan Chambers, Fawn Casey (via Zoom)



  • $300 for food, we supply meat, condiments, buns, sodas, potluck for deserts and sides

  • Jeannie is stepping down from volunteering running food at events for health reasons

  • Kristen and Kelly are taking over coffee and snack service at meetings and will set up picnic food

  • Can we change date currently competing with Fircrest days? Potentially change to the 13th? 

  • If Bryce is unavailable then Nate will take over cooking

  • Motion by Katie, seconded by Kathleen, carried

  • Will list in newsletter, website with popup page, facebook, email blast

  • Need paper plates, cups, napkins, etc. from dollar store, or Costco

  • Ask Andrea to help 

  • Create Event team with stable of volunteers, silent auction was a big success because of large volunteer turn out



  • 4 updates 

  • Reviewing QuickBooks with accountant will be able to pull reports when done

  • $29,645 in all accounts

  • Upgrades coming up, picnic coming up

  • Insurance payment due 7/11: $1,700

  • Now designated as Non Profit w/ Paypal changed fees to 1.9% from 3.9%

  • Getting set up with Venmo next. Getting us a Google voice number w/ Gmail account then set up Venmo. Have to use Google number every 3 months to keep it active. 

  • Q1 - department of ag registration? Club hives

  • Q2 - what kind of payment methods do we want to accept? We have Square, Paypal, Stripe account on website, Venmo next. 

EARNINGS TO DATE From Fundraisers:

  • Silent auction $1,856

  • Master Gardners $2,433

  • Sustainability $180

  • Spring Fair: made $9,121, spent $4,204, profit $4,916

  • Total Year to Date: $9,385


 Apiary Update: Kathleen

Katie's last check of hives, all looked good. 5 people inspected/2 new people. 1 hive currently requeening. 

Laying patterns looked good. No swarm cells. Added frames with food/drawn comb. Blackberries just started. 

  • Confusion about numbering system for hives, Katie will donate a white board to the Apiary for inspection notes. 

  • Steve Tilca will make placards for hive bases to leave in place

  • Need 2 leaders for Saturday Apiary inspections at minimum. Can get through inspections in 2 hours with 2 leads + volunteers. 

  • Can we move Apiary days to all Saturdays instead of Friday/Saturday? Yes agreed by all.

  • Katie/Greg/Kathleen to meet to review Apiary plan going forward. 

  • Travis Swanlund will to OA treatments for Apiary

  • Create educational/apiary management plan for treatments and classes. 

  • Long langstroth hive was donated to the club by Mary, repairs are done. Will be added to the teaching Apiary.

  • Building behind the Walls is making a long langstroth hive for the club in return for Mary presenting to their club. 

  • Need to purchase tray inserts for new long lang hive 

7:19 pm

Queen rearing/Resource Apiary: Mary

  • Recruiting team for management Greg Willlging, Ken Colburn, + 2 other volunteers 

  • Will make production hives for honey

  • Deborah Langley-Boyer will teach queen rearing when ready

  • Need to repair ground cloth, add pins? weigh down? or dig small trench and bury edges?

  • 2 dead hives need to get cleaned up

  • WSU has requested we clean up Queen rearing apiary

  • Katie bought UBeeO test kit for hygiene and wants to test a few club hives? TBD, can test 5 hives 


Education: Katie

  • Apprentice class teacher - Katie

  • Beginner teacher - Chris Camper

  • Sustainability - need a syllabus, class plans to start offering

  • Buy Equipment for video recording classes

  • Can we host online as a paid virtual class? 

  • Up to 200 paying members

  • Soleil can help pick out right video equipment for the club

  • Apprentice class books, Katie needs to get access to website to update details. 

  • 1 DAY CLASS - need to confirm which class members have books, need to order more books from Woods Bees to sell for future classes

  • Apprentice class development is done for the next 2 months, Katie is working on finishing the rest of the year

  • Need to send a follow up letter for 1 day class, offer test, and send certificates for students who pass the test

  • Need to create a map for WSU campus with locations for each class, post on meeting room door

  • How is Chris Camper doing with beginner class? Need to check in. 

  • Discussed trying to find someone qualified to teach the apprentice class to free up Katie to observe and assist in other classes as needed. They will need a minimum of 3 years experience with beekeeping.

  • Need to set up a better process for class check in, getting students books, and testing for certificates. Make PCBA certificates for non WSBA testers. 

  • Put announcement for class graduates on website for recognition. 

Other Business:

  • Speakers for events volunteer list seems to be working pretty well but will need to get broader volunteer base

  • Idea of club directory was well received, good sign ups the past 2 months, we have started building those into a word document. Should move list to Wix or Google docs form so participating members can login and update their information. Idea to add Mentor section for people who have 2 years or more experience. Ask people who apply as Mentor to also list their bee keeping style.


Meeting Adjourned

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