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PCBA member meeting

10/4/21, 7p

20 members in attendance

Membership voting to approve:

Gregg – President, Jason Sanko – VP, Cookie – Secretary, Sherri Thomas – Treasurer

Jason Sanko – President, Betty Robertson – VP, Tricia Borgardt – Secretary, Sherri Thomas – Treasurer

By-laws change to allow appointment of new officers when officers resign

Kathleen Clerk – web designer


Future forward - Sustainability group meeting at 6p, before member meeting 11/1/21

Proposal to have “so you want to be a beekeeper” class on a Sat in Nov, at the apiary, then in Feb start a beginner’s class prior to member meeting

$30 membership renewal and new fee/yr

12/6 xmas party

Meetings at Prince of Peace through Feb

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