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Pierce County Beekeepers Association General Meeting Minutes from Monday, May 6, 2024

Almendinger Center, WSU extension campus, Puyallup, Washington
MEETING 5/6/24
Beginner/Apprentice/Sustainability meeting 6-7
Chris teaching beginner
Katie teaching Apprentice
Full meeting 120+ people 
General meeting start 7:05
Door prize drawing held by Kathleen for Manuka Honey soap and Tea Towel
Chris showed Jason's swarm box for demonstration
Kathleen opened meeting officially at 7:15

Business Report:
Honey House Clean up successful - ready for paint, lots of cleaning done, 3 windows now functional
Spring Fair: $4,916 profit- good sales, volunteers had fun Mary Dempsey Org 
Tacoma Sustainability $180 profit Katie Marler Org
WSU Master Gardener Sale $2,208 profit Mary Cline Org

Upcoming events:
request for volunteer speakers
  people willing to give community presentations for schools/retirement homes.
  teaching box/travel prezo box w/ coloring sheets and info guides/books/bee models
  SR demonstrated the waggle dance :) 
Silent Auction June
July Picnic 7/20 @ 12
  Meat provided, bring your favorite summer dish. Picnic at WSU campus. Bring unique honey for tasting. Mead provided

New Business:
Apiary Update
  5 hives out of winter, through March lost 2 hives, down to 3
  Chris Camper caught a swarm
  Split 3 hives into 6 - now have 7 working hives
  Next apiary day May 24th
  Kathleen running teaching apiary
  Mary running queen apiary
  Facebook and Newsletter are best way to get notices and information 
Kathleen Update twins due in OCT
  Greg Willgang and Katie to help in Apiary and take over from Kathleen
  Asking for more help in the Apiary asking for any volunteers
Notice of member vote to update bylaws of term limit to 4 years for president
  Club started in 1960's per Mark(?)
  Putting to vote current 2 year term limit increase to 4 (conse cetive) 
  When are next round of nominations? Vote in November
  Vote before Silent Auction in June

Mentors 2+ years encouraged by Katie Mahler- need new mentor volunteers
Want to start optional club directory for networking with other club members - highlight sign in list for info you want shared with club at large. Add if you want to be mentor
Directory to be listed on website for members
John Myers recognized as oldest beekeeper since 1970's
Kristen recognized Katheleen, Katie, Mary, Kelly etc for thanks and gratitude helping get started this year 

Break for community clusters 7:49
Break by Areas-
Puyallup/South Hill
North Tacoma
Gig Harbor/Key Penn. 
South Tacoma/Spanaway/Lakewood

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