Preparing for Spring

The temperatures are slowly creeping back up and the days are getting longer.  More and more we are seeing activity from our hives now. The bees have been bringing in a lot of yellow, orange, and cream colored pollen.  Continue to stay...

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Fondant Recipes

Renzy’s Fondant Recipe – By Renzy Davenport Renzy’s Fondant Recipe DOWNLOAD Ingredients:  (don’t exceed 6 cups for this recipe..too hard to handle when you begin the “cream” work.  And use any pot with a handle..not the big kettle...

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Syrup Recipes

Quick Sugar Syrup Recipe: 1:1 Ratio for Spring Feeding This recipe cuts down on the time it takes for sugar syrup to cool by heating only part of the water and moving heated syrup to a second pot to cool faster. It is a 1:1 ratio of 8 lbs. sugar...

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