PCBA is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to helping honey bees through education and by supporting research. We conduct educational programs under the Washington State Beekeepers Association Master Beekeepers Educational program, primarily for the enjoyment and educational goals of our members. (PCBA Bylaws)


We offer community outreach programs as well as programs and awards for those already involved in the beekeeping community.

Are you a teenager between the ages of 13 and 18 who is interested in learning about beekeeping? If so, apply for the PCBA Study Grant Program. The purpose of the Study Grant Program is to encourage the next generation to take up beekeeping through mentoring, education, and providing equipment.

Applicants must live in the Pierce County Beekeeper’s service area, including all of Pierce County and those parts of adjoining counties. It is a wonderful program and we encourage teenagers to participate!

The application and requirements are available here to download:

The Bob Stump Memorial Award is in honor of Bob’s commitment and love of beekeeping. He was dedicated to promoting the gentle art and science of beekeeping in the community. Bob was an exceptional leader and educator, sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge as a speaker, mentor and teacher.

Award Criteria:
The Bob Stump Memorial Award is an honor bestowed upon an individual for outstanding contributions to apiculture. Nominees will be selected by the PCBA Board of Directors. One of these nominees will be voted in by the general membership at the PCBA general meeting in February of each year.

Award Conditions:
The recipient must be a member in good standing of the Pierce County Beekeepers Association (PCBA). The actions of the recipient should be (but not limited to) complimentary to the art, science and husbandry of apiculture. The recipient need not be an active Washington State Beekeepers Association member. Previous recipients of this award are not eligible for future Bob Stump awards. The recipients names, past and present, will be on permanent display at the PCBA general meeting hall.

Bob Stump’s Legacy:
Bob was a Master Beekeeper. He was elected president of the Washington State Beekeepers Association in 1999 and served in that capacity through 2003. He also served as treasurer of the Master Beekeeper’s Committee for several years. His work and dedication in supporting WSU and Dr. Sheppard in their efforts has created a great partnership for all of us to follow.

He was voted the 1996 WSBA Beekeeper of the Year. Beginning in 1987, the Washington State Beekeepers Association wanted to recognize the importance of Washington State beekeepers who make a significant impact on the industry. Each year local associations are asked to submit a candidate of their choice to receive the WSBA Beekeeper of the Year Award, to be voted on by the WSBA Executive Board prior to the annual meeting. Criteria: Which beekeeper has done the most to promote and demonstrate good beekeeping, improve the public image of the industry and/or show how this member has volunteered for civic and other projects.

Bob Stump lived in Gig Harbor, WA. He passed away March 31, 2005. Members of his family include his wife, Tillie, and his six sons, two daughters and three stepchildren: son Robert, daughter Pat Hubbard (Don), son Bill (Mary Anne), daughter Betty Logan (Bob), son David (Chris), son Tom (Jeri), son Kevin (Heather), son Greg, and Tillie’s two daughters, Lucinda and Norma Jean, and son Ronald.

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